Advanced Technology for Peripheral Vascular Occlusion

Introducing the LOBO Vascular Occlusion System

LOBO 3.5
LOBO 3 and handleLOBO 3.5

Clinical Needs Drive Innovation

Okami Medical was formed to address the evolving needs of patients and physicians through the development of innovative, versatile, and intuitive medical devices for the occlusion of peripheral vessels. Okami believes that vessel occlusion should be rapid and reliable regardless of tortuosity and flow conditions. The LOBO Vascular Occlusion System was developed for this reason.

Patented Design

LOBO (LOw-profile Braided Occluder) integrates proprietary HDBRAID technology and a patented design to allow physicians to reach and rapidly occlude a wide range of arterial targets.


Powerful, Versatile, Intuitive

  • Dense pore structure for rapid, single-device occlusion of a wide range of vessels
  • Microcatheter delivery †
  • Excellent trackability to small, tortuous vessels
  • Highly stable after placement
  • Fully retrievable prior to release
  • State-of-the-art, instantaneous mechanical detachment

† LOBO-3. Additional sizes in development

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